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5Qi - Five Question Interview

5 Easy steps

1. Agree to the interview : )

2. Answer five provided questions.

3. You may add an additional question of your own. (Be creative with this option, promote a project if you want to)

4. High5 five people of your choice in the comment box after your interview is posted.

5. Email or DM me your answers. e-address: (5Qi Q&As in subject line)

#High5 example: #High5 to @123, @345, @678, @901 and @387 I truly appreciate your great support.

5Qi - 5 Benefits

1. The opportunity to establish new connections.

2. Reconnect with trusted fans/ followers.

3. An easy way to give some of those you admire a well deserved #High5.

4. Clarify who you are and strengthen your brand.

5. Another great way to inspire.

Example of Questions:

1. Why do you write?

2. What is the hardest part of writing for you?

3. What inspires you?

4. What is your favorite quote?

NOTE: Interviews will be posted on Twitter, FB and Google+.

See who sighed up: Here

See the interviews: Here

Now 44 Parts, 7686 Reads, 1072 Votes

Thomas - @5ifthproject - Welcome to 5Qi



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