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They twinkle when it's nighttime
They twinkle in the sky
They tell us that it's bedtime
That dreams are standing by

We hope for inspiration
Between each lullaby
We hope they come to guide us
We hope, we pray, we try

Some dreams can last a lifetime
Some dreams just last a while
Some whisper through the nighttime
Some dreams just never die

Some dreams are here to haunt us
Some dreams you wonder why
Some dreams are just like drifters
No hope, no yearn, they die

Some dreams are just like bullies
They kick, they scream, they fight
Some stay around till midnight
Some stay till morning light
Those dreams are just like nightmares
Those dreams are just not right

Some dreams can make or break you
Some dreams may take a flight
Some dreams will disappoint you
Some dreams can be denied

Sometimes we dream in silence
To keep those dreams alive


Thomas - © Jan. 02, 2015 (All rights reserved.)




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