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Skies, trees, mountains green
Endless sunshine, tropical fields
Joyful singing, playful scenes
Brilliant mind, abundant smiles
Heart of gold, memories untold

You slipped, fell
You tried again
Mom, courage, superhero

You walked the walk
You taught us well
His journey ended, you showed your strength

Father, mom, superhero

You sung your songs
You made your peace
Absolute kindness, amazing, unique

Voice like an angel
Those Christian songs

You echoed across trees and land
You echoed across, all day long

The hills went silent
Something went wrong

You laid in your greatness
So proud, still smart, not strong

Angels came to guide you
Pleasantly guided you along

Those gates were surely opened
They guided you for so long

You left us pleasant memories
You left us joyful songs
You're now above those mountains
You're now in angels' hands
In our hearts you'll stay forever
My father, my hero, my mom


Thomas - © Jan. 02, 2015 (All rights reserved.)




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