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Plan, wait, procrastinate
Sun comes up, and yet again
We wish for more, we pray as well


What mysteries you hold

Our quest to find that endless glow
Flowers bloom, season's change
Birds migrate, you remain the same

Tell me master
Do you heal?
Tell me, tell me
How much time do we need

A child says hello
Waves grace the shores
Friends say goodbye
We see them no more

Tell me

What do you know?
What's your intention?
What do you care?

You're speechless, mighty
You never grow old
Are you an illusion?
Will your secrets unfold?

When the stars glow above us
And the rainbows say hello
Let them stay a bit longer
They stage flawless shows

You're master
You live beyond all boundaries
You'll go on, and on forever
This we know for sure


Thomas - © Jan. 02, 2015 (All rights reserved.)




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