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I endured the wind, the snow and the rain

The plight, the strain and even the pain

I measured tall and stood with pride

I nourish and safeguard trees far and wide

I watched them bloom each year with great pride No

gratitude for mountains, I wonder why

With the changing weather it mainly rains

The sun comes out sometimes

But quickly hurries away

I often noticed when the clouds draw near

It gets so lonely and dark up here

If I get those wishes from that genie you know

I will be a volcano and roar out aloud

I will roar out so loud it would stop all the rain

It will chase all those clouds

And let the sun shine again

I will search far and wide

For that tree I once fed

And return it to the hillside

To that place it once stood

I will nourish and guard it

From wind snow and rain

Protect it from darkness if clouds come again

I will be that huge mountain

Who once measured tall

Brace for those tail winds

And cope with them all


Thomas - © Jan. 02, 2015 (All rights reserved.)

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