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These words usually sneak into my consciousness at the most inopportune moments. I often scramble to find a surface to give them wings, please share and help them take flight.

A reflection of who I want to be

Me in the mirror
Tall, yes tall!
Five feet seven inches tall

Red, yellow, blue...a part of me

Me in the mirror
Me against the wall, against all odds

Father, deemed

Restitution, redemption, no fear, have no tears
Tall...Look at me

A reflection of who I want to be


- Anthony Thomas




Hallways of my memories

As I strolled through the hallway of my memory
I glanced at the faded images on the wall

Unframed, unnumbered and unorganized
They had my name and droplet of my tears

Some were worn
Some were torn
Some were crushed
Some were erased

Some were written in a haze
No two pages were the same

Pages were stolen and rebound
Rewritten and distorted

The sadness and the tone
Told a story of it’s own

The anguish and the plight
Tells a story of my life

These pages weren’t written yesterday
Neither will they be corrected tomorrow

Pages of my life I’ll never recover

Stolen pages of my life are gone forever

- Anthony Thomas


Once a mountain

I endured the wind, the snow and the rain
The plight, the strain and even the pain

I measured tall and stood with pride
I nourish and safeguard trees far and wide

I watched them bloom each year with great pride
No gratitude for mountains, I wonder why

With the changing weather it mainly rains
The sun comes out sometimes
But quickly hurries away

I often noticed when the clouds draw near
It gets so lonely and dark up here

If I get those wishes from that genie you know
I will be a volcano and roar out aloud

I will roar out so loud it would stop all the rain
It will chase all those clouds
And let the sun shine again

I will search far and wide
For that tree I once fed
And return it to the hillside
To that place it once stood

I will nourish and guard it
From wind snow and rain
Protect it from darkness if clouds come again

I will be that huge mountain
Who once measured tall
Brace for those tail winds
And cope with them all

- Anthony Thomas

I wonder

Smiles, memories
Footprints on the shore

Playful silhouettes
They come around no more

Dancing curtains, vacated room

Dolls, games, books and all
Noiseless hallway
Pictures on the wall

Winter, spring, summer
Memories strain, barriers fall

Tragic headlines
Shooting in the hall
Raindrops on the window
Blood on the wall

I sit and I wonder
No note, no call

Truck through the bus stop
A dreadful brawl
A call from a stranger
Crashed, rolled, stopped

He saw it all

Three trapped under
And again I wonder

Was she there at all?
Not my hope or desire...

I just wonder

- Anthony Thomas

Dreams - Dedicated to Caylia

They twinkle when it's nighttime
They twinkle in the sky
They tell us that it's bedtime
That dreams are standing by

We hope for inspiration
Between each lullaby
We hope they come to guide us
We hope, we pray, we try

Some dreams can last a lifetime
Some dreams just last a while
Some whisper through the nighttime
Some dreams just never die

Some dreams are here to haunt us
Some dreams you wonder why
Some dreams are just like drifters
No hope, no yearn, they die

Some dreams are just like bullies
They kick, they scream, they fight
Some stay around till midnight
Some stay till morning light

Those dreams are just like nightmares
Those dreams are just not right

Some dreams can make or break you
Some dreams may take a flight

Some dreams disappoint you
Some dreams may be denied

Sometimes we dream in silence
To keep those dreams alive

- Anthony Thomas

Project I presently working on:

"MONDAY" - Coming Soon!

4-year-old Morgan went missing from a school bus accident scene two weeks after a vicious tornado touched down in Arcadia Meadows. Linda moved to Lipkins in search of her after receiving one of those emails at the office; “Opposites attract" with attached photo showing two different foot of shoes tied together, hanging over a power line. Her target was Dr. Edgar Worthington’s. She met 17 year-old newspaper delivery boy Benjamin. "Call me Jake." He said.


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"Poetry is what gets lost in translation"
Robert Fros


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