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The Fifth Door: The Chronicle of a Child's Discovery Under Her Spiral Staircase

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Product Description (The Last Child to be Born)

‘The last Child to Be Born’ is the mini novel of all times. It is about a mother and her unborn child. The child is on a mission to initiate and supervise a special thrust in getting the world to focus on the ‘End Times’. The mother takes instructions from the child and functions as its mouth piece. All readers will be on edge and be captivated as they follow the development of the unborn from embryo to fetus and the emotional trauma through which the mother passes. A worldwide reception is planned and there is worldwide television streaming from the delivery room as the mother goes into labor. There is an ultra electrified atmosphere and the world is to erupt in tumultuous celebrations immediately after the child is delivered. The commentator leads the countdown to the exact time that the child is to be delivered. The writing is creative enough to entice the reader to read on even if the plot were not ingenious. This is a most unique, delightful, literary package, given the plot and characters portrayed. The climax is strategically positioned and the suspense clinically regulated in reaching its zenith. The story ends, but not the suspense, as the reader is left hanging. Do not for forfeit the opportunity to buy and read this one in a life-time novel. Click cover to Buy


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